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Covid19 Tips: In-Home Care Providers Look to Provide Care and Stay Safe as States Reopen

Since the pandemic, In-home care providers were continually working throughout; however, not all businesses. But now, most companies have resumed their services. Peter Ross, the CEO of Maryland-based Senior Helpers, said that they have regular business from the beginning of the pandemic. Even every governor in the country has provided them with the ‘essential personnel status’ as home care workers. Along with the caregivers, Senior Helpers also have resumed operations among its ‘nonessential” staff, which includes marketing and sales positions and billing and schedules roles.

Pros and Cons

The United States is getting closer to the condition of being normal. The in-home care providers are seeking a major opportunity of returning to elective procedures. In March, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services suggested limiting nonessential surgical and medical procedures to preserve hospital beds, PPE, and ventilators. They also wanted to make sure the availability of the health care workforce for those who are in an emergency.

After elective procedures like hip and knee replacement, caring for patients has become a consistent source of income for home care providers. It includes both non-medical home care providers and rehab-focused Medicare-certified home care providers. Even in-home health care, providers have reported a 25% reduction in revenue.

Although in-home care providers are happy that states are opening again, they may also be moving forward to another minefield. The states spared during the arrival of COVID-19 are now seeing an increase in new cases and hospitalizations.

Business As Usual

As states open and elective procedures returned, nursing homes have seen an increase in anxiety that also increase the business for in-home care providers. Peter Miska, the president of the company, said that as the situation comes when they are opened up and performing elective surgeries, they still need in-patient stay and families are apprehensive about doing that. Undoubtedly Home Health Care is in a good position where it can lower the readmission rates of the hospital if the public health emergency continues to strive.

To address the public health emergency and to assist providers, CMS has implemented various flexibilities. These actions vary from permanent to temporary. William A. Dombi, president of the National Association for Home Care and Hospice (NAHC), told HHCN by email that as the states open again, home health providers should expect changes to remain in place. Even on the home care sides, Seniors helping Seniors are expected to see an increase in admission in the coming week.

Dombi further said that we had seen around a 14% increase in the visitors to our website. So, he thinks that some people are still looking for assisted living facilities for their loved ones. He added that he believes that there will be a demand and increase in inquiry for their services. Pandemic is the time when Dombi believed that they showed people the value of their work.

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