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Home Health: Immigration Rules and Caregivers

New Immigration Rules Could Harm Home-based Caregiver Workforce.

During the outbreak of coronavirus, the Trump administration has made several changes to the immigration system in the U.S. It includes travel restrictions and suspending most immigrants visas for 60 days. President Donald Trump said that the goal of these changes was to protect jobs for the U.S citizens and due to current pandemic, the unemployment rate has climbed high in recent weeks. Although some believe that the suspension could last more than 60 days and be detrimental to the home-based ca

re workforce rather than exemptions of some healthcare professionals. When it comes to immigrants, they make a huge part of the direct workforce. It includes personal care aides, home health aides and nursing assistants. According to PHI, an organization that advocates and researches on behalf of home-based workers, one in four direct care workers is an immigrant.

The vice president of policy at PHI, Robert Espinoza, told Home Health Care News that along with in-home care providers, other senior healthcare firms can feel the pressure of immigration restrictions. He added that many residential care agencies, nursing homes, and home-based care organizations are dependent on migrants to meet the demands of senior citizens and handicapped people with their daily activities and offering full support. As a result, if we make it challenging for migrant workers to work and live in this country, that means we are making it hard for well-established care employers to have enough staff to support their customers and their residents, leading to poor management.

According to reports, at present, the United States nurse staff includes up to 15% internationally educated and trained nurses. But, in this coronavirus pandemic, the demand for more employees is increasing every day. The estimate states that by 2022, the US will require over 1 million new RNs (Registered Nurses), and by 2023, another one million registered nurses are expected to retire. On the other hand, the shortage of faculty at nursing schools throughout the United States are restricting student potential, making it challenging to fulfill all nursing positions along with domestic employees.

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